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IT services

User name, password and user administration

Change your password, or get a new password if you have none or have forgotten the one you got.

Computer, files, software and mobile

Supported platforms, installing software, buying computer, storing files and setting up mobile phones.

Connecting to the UiO network

Connect to the UiO network to access network services and the Internet.

Using your UiO e-mail and calendar

E-mail, e-mail lists, calendar, requesting meetings, automatic replies and more.


Print on the UiO printers, learn about printing quotas, payment and more.

Recording video and sound

Recording lectures, using the studio and guidance on how to use sound and video recording at UiO.


Report a secutity incident and learn about the UiO computer Emergency Response Team. Obtain certificates.

Telephone and realtime services

User guides to the telephones and ukomm, web application for managing your new communications settings and a guide to using video conferences.

IT Services for Research

IT resources for use in research and research activities.

IT services for education

User's guides to Canvas, blog and wiki.

Web pages, publishing and search

Vortex, web publishing, the UiO web search service, and PDF and other open document formats.

Hosting services

Operation of applications, databases and servers, as well as storage solutions.

Administrative IT-services

Information and user guides to UiO IT services for administrative use.